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  • I would like to learn more about feeding raw meat to my pet
    There are meany good sources available on this topic, listed below are some that we deem very valuable and we're delighted to share them with you: Voer voor Carnivoren | Tannetje Koning Feed your dog a bone | Ian Billinghurst Dierbewust | Maurice Flinterman in interview Voerwijzer | Feeding raw food for beginners
  • I want to learn more about the brands that you sell
    Bandit Bandit sells various flavors of complete food for dogs and cats and loose chew products such as raw bones and pieces of tripe and Bandit also produces diet feeds that can be customized (taste) for any animal with health problems. The Skal quality mark is only awarded if at least 95% organic raw materials are processed and this can also be demonstrated with the necessary certificates. At Bandit Animal Nutrition it is always possible to check where the various raw materials come from. No synthetic vitamins are added, which makes it a unique product. All nutrients come from the natural raw materials, making it an extremely pure food. This purity ensures that the dog or cat can enjoy optimal health. For a soft, shiny coat, for strong bones and muscles, for clean teeth and especially for well-functioning intestines and little faeces.
  • Do you also deliver the food?
    Because the food is frozen, we only deliver as a service for customers living close by who don't have the means of transporting the food themselves. If we deliver, we will bring the order personally to your home where you will have to transfer it to the freezer right away. Would you like to make use of this service, please reach out to us.
  • How can I be sure you have enough stock of what I want?
    If you reach out to us upfront we will ensure to have everything you want in stock and can also reserve it for you. That way you are sure to get exactly what you want.
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