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Bandit petfood

Frozen fresh meat is food that is tailored to the needs of a carnivore and not, like the traditional complete feeds, to our own needs. Fresh meat contains ground bones, meat, organ meat and vegetables to mimic the prey animal as much as possible. An organic version of this food did not yet exist in the Netherlands and Bandit was the first to produce it. Organic food contains meat from animals that have been fed as natural as possible, who have had more freedom of movement and have not been given antibiotics and other chemical additives. Meaing it is also a more animal-friendly diet.

No synthetic vitamins are added and therefore it is a unique product. There is no food on the market that does not contain synthetic additives. All nutrients come from the natural raw materials, making it an extremely pure food. This purity ensures that the dog or cat can enjoy optimal health. For a soft, shiny coat, for strong bones and muscles, for clean teeth and especially for well-functioning intestines defense systems: Bandit Animal Nutrition.

DARF petfood

All DARF meats are composed according to the BARF principle: at least four animal types in one mix. For example, DARF kvv consists of 50% chicken (bone and meat), 30% beef (meat, tripe, lung, heart, liver and kidney), 10% lamb (meat, bone, lung, tripe, liver) and 10% goat ( meat, tripe and lung).


The meat of DARF also consists to a small extent of liver, kidneys and heart, which in general simply falls under the heading of meat. These are good sources of animal protein and are high in vitamins, minerals and animal fiber. We also use ground bones, because of the richness in calcium.


DARF kvv is a 100% complete mix according to the BARF principle and offers all the building materials your cat or dog needs. The meat is of course free of grains, preservatives and unwanted antibiotics. DARF is certified with the EKO quality mark (Skal 018327) and has the pet food recognition NL 3320 EG.

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