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Food for health

Our journey into natural petfood, fresh meat for dogs, started when one of our dogs had an allergy for grains and we had to find other alternatives for him. That's how we first got into contact with fresh meat for dogs and we've never fed our dogs anything else since. 


10 years after this moment, after having seen how many dog's life and health had been improved by making the transition to fresh meat, we wanted to contribute to making this type of food easily accessible to a greater consumer group and decided to start our own petfood sales company.

Currently we're operating the business from home, next to our normal job, aiming to make natural organic food easier available in Vijfhuizen and surrounding!



It's our mission to contribute to making healthy and high-quality meat easily available to consumers


Therefore we started Carni4 in 2021, focusing only on brands that offer exclusively high-quality meat and treats for dogs and cats. ​

No Artificial Flavourings – No Preservatives​

Natural Ingredients and High Quality Protein: a pure and honest food our Pets are equipped for !​

Frozen fresh meat food is food that is tailored to the needs of a carnivore and not, like traditional complete diets, to our own needs. Fresh meat food contains ground bones, meat, organ meats and vegetables to mimic a prey animal as much as possible. ​

An organic version of this food is offered by only a few brands. Organic food contains meat from animals that have been fed as natural food as possible, that have had more freedom of movement and no antibiotics and other chemical additives. It is therefore also a more animal-friendly food.​

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