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Natural and high-quality ingredients

a pure and honest food our pets are equipped for!

The petfood market offers you a lot of choices, brands and types of food (kibbles, canned, dried, treats etc) not all of which have the best health of your pet in mind. ​


At Carni4, we believe in food that is based on what nature intended (natural raw food), and that is supporting your pets to live a long, happy and healthy life! ​


Therefore, we focus on brands that have a wholesome approach, proving natural, balanced and high-quality food for carnivores. On top of this, to take it all the way, we aim to focus mostly on organic foods, ensuring the best quality of the meat.​


healthier skin and coat

improved digestion

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healthier teeth and gums

optimal brain function

allergy free

maximum nutritional value

boosted immune system

Do you want your dog to enjoy mealtimes?

Do you want your dog to enjoy mealtimes?

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